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The University of Southampton

Probing the Atomic Structure at the Metal-Electrolyte Interface Seminar

17 December 2013
Room 2075, Building 29 Highfield University of Southampton Southampton SO17 1BJ

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Event details

Part of the Electrochemistry Seminar series

Professor Christopher Lucas, University of Liverpool

Title: Probing the Atomic Structure at the Metal-Electrolyte Interface

In this talk I will give an introduction to the study of the metal-electrolyte interface using in-situ x-ray scattering techniques. This will be illustrated by some recent examples of experiments in which the techniques are used to link surface structure and reactivity, obtain site-specific electronic information and probe electrochemical reactions at faster timescales.

Speaker information

Prof Christopher Lucas, University of Liverpool. Prof Lucas took his PhD in Physics at Edinburgh (1989), was a postdoc and staff scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (1990-1997), and has worked at Liverpool Physics since 1997 with a personal chair in 2009. He has a strong involvement in synchrotron radiation activities (recent experiments at Diamond, Swiss Light Source, Advanced Photon Source, ESRF) and is director of the EPSRC mid-range facility, XMaS, a materials diffraction beamline at the ESRF. He has a background in UHV surface science but since ~1993 he has been concentrating on studies of structure and reactivity at the electrochemical interface.

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