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The University of Southampton

Chemistry Staff Seminar Series Seminar

29 January 2014
Building 27, Room 2001 (L/R 1) Chemistry Highfield Southampton SO17 1BJ

For more information regarding this seminar, please email Dr Darren Bradshaw at .

Event details

Staff from chemistry present seminars of their own choice, reflecting the divergence of research being undertaken within chemistry.

Dr Russell Minns

Dr Russell Minns - Making Molecular Movies

Making measurements of chemical reaction dynamics, requires us to monitor the motions of the atoms and electrons within a molecule on the fundamental length scale of the chemical bond, and on the timescale of vibrational motion. With the advent of ultrafast lasers, it is now possible to monitor molecular motion on this timescale. However, the techniques available limit which structures can be measured, either due to insufficient energy, or limitation placed on the technique by selection rules. In this seminar I will focus on some of the new techniques that we are developing at Southampton and the Artemis central laser facility to provide a complete view of chemical reactions. These techniques make use of high-energy and high-intensity lasers and remove many of the limitations that are present in conventional spectroscopy, presenting new opportunities to fully measure the complex motion of atoms and electrons during a chemical reaction.

Dr Eugen Stulz

Dr Eugen Stulz - Bionanotechnology using modified DNA

DNA has become very attractive as scaffold for functional molecules on the nanometre scale. The sequence specific insertion of modified nucleotides using automated DNA synthesis allows for the creation of new designer molecules with a wide range of potential applications. Among other modifications we are mainly focussing on porphyrin-nucleosides and their subsequent site specific incorporation into oligonucleotides to create multiporphyrin arrays, leading to extended helical chromophore arrays. Here, the latest systems of our group will be presented, including DNA switching, DNA templated synthesis, G-quadruplex structures and DNA origami based nanopores and enzyme assemblies.

Speaker information

Dr Russell Minns,Royal Society University Research Fellow

Dr Eugen Stulz,Senior Lecturer in Bio-organic and Materials Chemistry

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