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The University of Southampton

Metal complexes for Imaging and Sensing Seminar

19 February 2014
Room 2001, Building 27 Chemistry Highfield Southampton SO17 1BJ

For more information regarding this seminar, please email Dr Geoff Hyett at .

Event details

Dr Simon Pope presents a seminar as part of the MAFS seminar series

The talk will cover the design, synthesis and characterisation of both d- and f-block complexes and their application to sensing and biological imaging. Key examples will explore bimodal gadolinium complexes with modulated water relaxivities, luminescent gold complexes that have been used as intracellular imaging agents and the exploitation of luminescence lifetime for sensing applications.

Speaker information

Dr Simon Pope, Cardiff University. Research interests include: Development of new ligand scaffolds for d- and f-block coordination chemistry; Design and synthesis of luminescent probes based on multifunctional metal complexes aimed at biologically important targets; Developing responsive bimodal imaging agents for fluorescence microscopy and MRI applications; Investigations into the attachment of functionalized lumophores onto gold and silver nanoparticles; Studies into novel hybrid materials for photovoltaic applications.

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