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The University of Southampton

Chemistry Staff Seminar Series Seminar

26 February 2014
Building 27, Room 2001 (L/R 1) Chemistry Highfield Southampton SO17 1BJ

For more information regarding this seminar, please email Dr Darren Bradshaw at .

Event details

Staff from chemistry present seminars of their own choice, reflecting the divergence of research being undertaken within chemistry.

Prof David Harrowven - Stress, Strain and Total Synthesis

The seminar will provide a brief summary of our recent and ongoing research effort spanning flow chemistry, total synthesis, reagentless transformations and the curious case of a carbon centred radical intermediate that can also act as an anion and an electrophilic centre.

Prof David Harrowven

Dr Syma Khalid - DNA sequencing with nanopores: a tale of strands & nucleotides.

In this talk I will summarise our efforts of the last few years towards optimising a protein-based nanopore for DNA sequencing, using computational methods.

Dr Syma Khalid

Speaker information

Prof David Harrowven,Professor of Organic Chemistry

Dr Syma Khalid,Senior Lecturer in Computational Chemistry

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