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The University of Southampton

DNP Enhanced Solid-State NMR for Characterisation of Surface Species and Pharmaceuticals Seminar

11 June 2014
Building 27, Room 2001 Chemistry University of Southampton Highfield Southampton SO17 1BJ

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Event details

Dr Aaron Rossini presents a seminar as part of the Magnetic Resonance group's seminar series.

Surface enhanced NMR spectroscopy (SENS) can be achieved by using dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP). In a DNP SENS experiment electron polarization is transferred from an organic radical to proton nuclei at the surface of a material. Enhanced proton polarization may then be transferred to the surface hetero-nuclei (e.g., 13C, 29Si, 119Sn, etc.) by cross-polarization (CP), improving the sensitivity of surface selective NMR experiments by a factor 100-200. An overview of the successful application of DNP SENS for the characterization of high surface area materials such as mesoporous and nano-particulate silicas, metal oxide nano-particles, and metal organic frameworks will be given. DNP enhanced solid-state NMR can also be applied to ordinary micro-crystalline solids. The sensitivity enhancements of up to two orders of magnitude from DNP enable the rapid acquisition of natural isotopic abundance 13C homonuclear correlation spectra and 1H-15N CPMAS spectra. It is also shown that is straightforward to acquire 1H-14N overtone CPMAS spectra and two-dimensional 13C-14N overtone HMQC correlation spectra for organic compounds. Finally, we demonstrate how these techniques can be applied to characterize pharmaceutical formulations with low active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) contents.

Speaker information

Dr Aaron Rossini, Universite de Lyon. Postdoc Research Fellow, Ecole normale supérieure de Lyon, Département de Chimie

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