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The University of Southampton

Post-synthetic modification of metal-organic frameworks; changing for the better Seminar

12 September 2014
Room 2001, Building 27 Chemistry University of Southampton Southampton SO17 1BJ

For more information regarding this seminar, please email Dr Geoff Hyett at .

Event details

Dr Chris Richardson presents a seminar as part of the Molecular Assembly Function and Structure Research Group's seminar series.

Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) are crystalline materials made from organic ligands and metal ions. The application of MOFs for a wide range of possible applications has seen interest in these materials increase rapidly. One way to tune these materials is by chemically tailoring the surfaces after formation of the crystals - this is known as post-synthetic modification. Within this area we have been working on a range of modifications based around thermal methods. This presentation will show our work in this area and in some related modifications.

Everyone welcome to attend.

Speaker information

Dr Chris Richardson, University of Wollongong, Australia. His groups work is centred in producing useful materials and molecules. Principles of supramolecular chemistry and crystal engineering are used to design in function. The work uses both organic and inorganic chemistry and deals with molecular recognition, host-guest chemistry, sensing, catalysis and biomedical nanotechnology with a view toward potential use of these materials as catalysts, sensors, or agents of medicinal value.

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