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The University of Southampton

Development of crown ether based rotaxanes having chirality specific to the rotaxane structure Seminar

15 July 2016
Building 27, Room 1133 University of Southampton SO17 1BJ

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Event details

Professor Keiji Hirose will be giving a lecture on the morning of the 15th of July on the subject of chirality in rotaxanes. It will be a really interesting talk including lots of novel synthetic chemistry and stereochemistry.


Rotaxanes consisting of achiral axle components and achiral ring components can be chiral due to their unique geometrical architectures. Synthetic methods of rotaxanes have been developed, however, that of rotaxanes having chirality specific to rotaxane structure is not reported well. Syntheses of such rotaxanes in optically pure forms are generally difficult. For development of a synthetic method for chiral rotaxanes, we investigated a prerotaxane method based on aminolyses of metacyclophane type of prerotaxanes having planar chirality which are composed of achiral stopper units and crown ether type ring components. In addition to development of synthetic methods, applications of the rota




Speaker information

Keiji Hirose, Osaka University. Keiji Hirose@s main research interests are Structural Organic Chemistry, Synthetic Organic Chemistry and Supramolecular Chemistry

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