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The University of Southampton

RSC – Mid Southern Counties Mini-Symposium Seminar

14:00 - 17:00
16 January 2017
Building 27, Room 2001, Chemistry, University of Soputhampton, SO17 1BJ

For more information regarding this seminar, please email Jon Kitchen at .

Event details

RSC-Mid Southern Counties are hosting a mini-symposium to celebrate Easterfield Award winner, Dr. Justin Hodgkiss (Victoria University, NZ).

Ultrafast optical spectroscopy: from new tools to insights into printable photovoltaic materials

presented by Dr Justin Hodgkiss

Next generation photovoltaic materials, including polymers and organometal halide perovskites, offer tremendous potential for low cost clean energy. However, the design of more effective materials is hindered by lack of understanding of the mechanisms by which these complex and disordered materials convert light to electricity. We have developed a series of time-resolved optical spectroscopy experiments that resolve different properties of photoexcitations in these materials. In this talk, I will review some of our recent insights from ultrafast spectroscopy. In organic semiconductors, these highlights include evidence for ultrafast long-range charge separation,1 as well as the roles of delocalised excitons2 and disordered phases,3 ultrafast light harvesting,4 and singlet exciton fission.5 The organic materials will be contrasted with efficient organometal halide perovskites, where we find efficient free charge photogeneration.6,7

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Speaker information

Dr. Justin M. Hodgkiss, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ. Dr Justin Hodgkiss' main reserach interests are molecular electronics, photovoltaics, solar energy conversion, nanotechnology and laser spectroscopy.

Dr Russell Minns,Dr Russell S Minns is Royal Society University Research Fellow within Chemistry at the University of Southampton.

Prof Chris Skylaris,Chris-Kriton Skylaris is Professor of Computational Chemistry at the University of Southampton.

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