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The University of Southampton

Pillar-Shaped Macrocyclic Compounds “Pillar[n]arenes”: from Simple Molecular Receptors to Bulk Supramolecular Assemblies Seminar

Prof Tomoki Ogoshi seminar
20 September 2017
Building 27, Room 2003 (L/R 2), Chemistry, University of Southampton

For more information regarding this seminar, please email Prof Steve Goldup at .

Event details

Lecture from visiting Professor Tomoki Ogoshi (Kanazawa University): Professor Tomoki Ogoshi will be visiting Chemistry on Wednesday the 20th September and giving a talk, the details of which are below. Tomoki works at the interface of organic and materials chemistry, using supramolecular interactions to assemble complex structures.

Prof Tomoki Ogoshi
Prof Tomoki Ogoshi


Macrocyclic compounds play a major role in supramolecular chemistry because of their beautiful shape, nano-scale size and molecular recognition ability. Numerous supramolecular architectures have been constructed and studied as new components of materials as well as entities related to biological structural formation and functions using various macrocyclic hosts.

In 2008, we reported a new class of macrocyclic hosts named “pillar[n]arenes”.[1,2] Linear 1,2-dichloroethane and bulky chlorocyclohexane acted as template solvents for high-yield synthesis of pillar[5]- and pillar[6]arenes, respectively. They have unique symmetrical pillar structures due to their para-bridge linkage. We have synthesized various topological and functional molecules based on functionality of pillar[n]arenes, and constructed 2D sheets and 3D vesicles based on geometric assemblies of their pentagonal and hexagonal structures.[3]

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Speaker information

Prof Tomoki Ogoshi, Kanazawa University, Japan. Tomoki Ogoshi received his B.S. (2000), M.S. (2002), and Ph.D. degrees (2005) from Kyoto University under the supervision of Prof. Yoshiki Chujo. He received JSPS research fellowships for young scientists (2002−2005). He was a JSPS postdoctoral research fellow (2005−2006) in the Graduate School of Science at Osaka University in the group of Prof. Akira Harada. In 2006, he moved to the Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology at Kanazawa University as an assistant professor (2006−2010). He was an associate professor (2010−2015) and was promoted to a professor at the same university at 2015. He works also as JST-PRESTO Researcher: PRESTO program “Hyper-nanospace design toward innovative functionality” since October of 2013 under the research supervisor of Prof. Kazuyuki Kuroda (Waseda University). His research interests include organic synthesis, and supramolecular and hybrid materials.

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