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The University of Southampton

Investigation of protein dynamics and interactions by solid-state NMR Seminar

7 February 2018
Building 29, Room 2075, Chemistry, University of Southampton

For more information regarding this seminar, please telephone Dr Giuseppe Pileio on 02380 594160 or 24160 internally or email .

Event details

Seminar with Dr Jozef Lewandowski, University of Warwick

Abstract: ­­Knowledge of how biomolecules interact and how such interactions influence both structure and dynamics of the interacting components is crucial for understanding at a molecular level mechanisms for many biological processes.  In this presentation, we discuss several recent methodological developments in solid-state NMR and their applications to characterise structure and dynamics of various biomolecular complexes and assemblies.


Speaker information

Dr Jozef Lewandowski, University of Warwick. Research Summary - Developing and applications of NMR (primarily but not exclusively solid state) methodology for studying structure and dynamics of proteins and nucleic acids.

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