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The University of Southampton
ChemistryPostgraduate study

What our students think

Chemistry's postgraduate community is a vibrant and stimulating intellectual environment.

A supportive research community, the chance to gain valuable experience in industry or the thrill of being at the forefront of new discoveries; there are lots of reasons why our postgraduates have such a positive experience. We invite you to meet some of our students and read about their experiences.

Photo of Stuart Bartlett

The most enjoyable thing about my studies here is the interaction with my research group. It gives me the opportunity to work with a host of interesting, intelligent and inspirational people.

Stuart Bartlett - PhD
Photo of Thomas Gee

I really enjoy the breakthroughs you get in research. They are normally the product of hard-work and perseverance through a constant barrage of problems. This may sound ‘doom-and-gloom’ but it is really not, if you enjoy problem solving and have a natural curiosity and drive to find out how things work, I cannot think of a more suitable career path to follow.

Thomas Gee - PhD
Photo of Edward Jager

I find my research topic really interesting given the unique challenges that laser-based imaging poses and the insights that it can provide.

Edward Jager - PhD
Photo of Emanuela Lorusso

My experience at the University of Southampton and in particular my summer project definitely added value to my career and therefore allowed me to be considered for several positions.

Emanuela Lorusso - MSc Instrumental Analytical Chemistry, 2016
Photo of Ishna Mistry

The department has excellent facilities in my research area, and the added bonus of options to collaborate with other departments, opening up an even wider range of world class facilities to use.

Ishna Mistry - PhD Chemical Biology
Photo of Alice Moysiadi

I am extremely grateful to the Onassis Foundation for awarding me a prestigious scholarship in order to study instrumental analytical chemistry in Southampton.

Alice Moysiadi - MSc Instrumental Analytical Chemistry, 2016
Photo of Michael Palmer

My area of research is within Lithium-ion technology, focusing on high-voltage cathode materials

Michael Palmer - PhD
Photo of Danai Panagoulia

I have now been at the University of Southampton for five years, having completed my MChem degree in 2013 and begun a PhD

Danai Panagoulia - MChem Chemistry with six-month placement & PhD
Photo of Duncan Parker

Obviously the change from undergraduate study to postgraduate is huge; there is a passion for a topic as well as personal motivation to succeed, an ability to direct exactly what you’re researching and far greater opportunities for personal and professional development.

Duncan Parker - PhD
Photo of Francesca Piana

A PhD is a great experience, substantially different from undergraduate studies. It proves your strength not only as a scientist but also as a person.

Francesca Piana - PhD
Photo of Barbara Sander

As chemistry PhD projects are often funded by industry, students get an insight into life at work and gain not only science related skills, but also communication, presentation and team work experience.

Barbara Sander - PhD, 2013
Photo of Jonathon Speed

I went straight from my undergraduate degree into my PhD, because I knew the department was friendly, how things worked, and that some of the best academics in the country are here.

Jonathon Speed - MChem
Photo of Gabriele Stevanato

Although life as a PhD student proves to be tough it is absolutely one of the best experience in my life: challenging, interesting, enjoyable and rewarding.

Gabriele Stevanato - PhD
Photo of Danni Sun

The University offers a great learning environment, especially for masters students who study in the chemistry department.

Danni Sun - Second year
Photo of Francesc Valls Mascaró

I chose to study at Southampton because it is the best place in Europe to study electrochemistry.

Francesc Valls Mascaró - MSc Electrochemistry (now called MSc Electrochemistry with Battery Technologies) 2018
Photo of Christopher Yi

There are no limits restraining your ideas, and there are always chances to implement your research. Everyone can and is making a contribution to their field.

Christopher Yi - MSc Chemistry by Research, 2018; PhD in Electrochemistry
Photo of Pete Yuk Ming Leung

Doing a master’s degree or PhD can be really helpful towards your future career.

Pete Yuk Ming Leung - Computational modelling of chemistry
Photo of Julien de Sousa

Southampton ranks among the best universities in Europe to study chemistry and by choosing to study here I have been given the opportunity to work with renowned researchers.

Julien de Sousa - PhD
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