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The University of Southampton

Research project: Whitby: Invention of new transition metal catalysed reactions

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Developing new transition metal catalysed processes forms an important part of our work.

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One example is the zirconium mediated 2-aluminoethylalumination reaction (Eq. 1)[1] and related transformations of organomagnesium reagents.[2]


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Recently we have developed a palladium catalysed multi-component synthesis of aryl amidines and imidates (Eq. 2).[3][4] The method extends to intramolecular cases,[5] the use of alkenyl halides,[6] and can be optimized to form unusual alpha-iminoimidates (1).[7]

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Currently our aim (in collaboration with Dr. Andreas Danopoulos) is to find a catalytic version (Eq. 3) of the zirconium mediated stoichiometric amine synthesis we reported over a decade ago.[8]

With Dr. Andreas Danopoulos we are also developing the use of N-heterocyclic carbene nickel complexes as catalysts.

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