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The University of Southampton

After You Graduate

There are many choices available after gaining your degree. You will leave Southampton with a wealth of skills and a competitive edge, whatever career path you choose.

Graduates leave with a competitive edge
Opening up career options

You may be looking for relevant paid employment straight away, or planning to undertake further study – in which case you could become part of Southampton's 5,000-strong postgraduate student community and have access to state-of-the-art learning resources.

You might be considering a switch into a completely different field, or you may be unsure of where to go next. Whatever your situation, the Careers and Employability Service offers a wide range of services and support to students at all stages of their University life. 

Chemistry is a subject that offers significant benefits to you on completion of your degree. 

It will demonstrate your commitment to employers both inside and outside the chemical industries. A chemistry degree will offer a substantial financial return on your 'university investment' and chemistry ranks only third after dentistry and medicine in terms of the percentage of graduates who obtain jobs that are directly related to, and of a status and position equal to the degree that was studied.

As well as providing top class training in chemistry we make every effort to give you the best possible understanding of what careers are available once you graduate.

Photo of Frankie Jaffa
Many graduates struggle to differentiate themselves from other well qualified and often experienced competitors but a degree in Chemistry - especially one from Southampton University, is so versatile and highly respected it can be applied to a myriad of careers.
Frankie JaffaMChem
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