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PGCAP Module 2: Developing learning design: Supporting learning

This core module aims to further develop and supplement the skills and knowledge already acquired in Module 1. The focus shifts towards wider educator practice, module level design, student support and evaluation.

For session dates, please visit the PGCAP Dates page.

Together the PGCAP M1 and M2 learning outcomes map against all dimensions of the UKPSF required for recognition as a Fellow (Descriptor 2) of the HEA. In parallel, this module supports the expansion of fundamental educator skills to meet the requirements of lecturers or similar roles.

Full details of Module 2 can be found in the PGCAP M2 Handbook.


The aim of the module is to explore and evaluate issues related to assessing and supporting students within the context of session and module design and delivery.

Learning outcomes

Having successfully completed the module, participants should be able to:

 Knowledge and understanding

  1.  Apply knowledge of how students learn in reflecting upon various teaching and learning situations within your subject area.

Subject specific practical skills 

  1. Critically analyse and reflect upon the design of both an assessment to support learning and an assessment to record achievement.
  2. Critically analyse and reflect upon the alignment of an assessment with the learning outcome/s it is testing.
  3. Critically reflect upon the learning design of a module, including an analysis of the alignment of learning and teaching activities and assessment/s with the learning outcomes of a module.
  4. Critically analyse and reflect upon their ability to provide effective academic and/or pastoral support to students in an inclusive manner.

Transferable and generic skills

Participants are experienced staff who will have already demonstrated a wide range of skills. 

Professional values

Participants should also have developed the following professional values, which underpin the above learning outcomes:

  1. A commitment to scholarship in teaching, both generally and within the discipline.
  2. A respect for individual learners and for their development and empowerment.
  3. A commitment to work with and learn from colleagues.
  4. The practising of equal opportunities.
  5. A commitment to continued reflection and evaluation, and consequent improvement of their own practice.

Assignment Surgeries

As part of Module 2 participants will be invited to attend an assignment surgery. These provide an opportunity to ask specific questions about aspects of an assignment which you would like clarifying. Attendees must have identified any queries they may have and bring along a synopsis of their assignement to the assignment surgery.  Dates for asssignment surgeries are in the Key Date document that is given at the first workshop.

Participants from all cohorts who have completed module 2 workshops are welcome to attend.


UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF)


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