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The University of Southampton
Couples HEalth Research and Intervention Studies (CHERISH)


CHERISH (Couples HEalth Research and Intervention Studies) develops couples-focused behaviour change strategies for health intervention research in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Couples often share the same social and physical environments, adopting similar health behaviours that can adversely impact upon their quality of life. But living a shared life can be the foundation upon which to build a mutually supportive environment that can help couples make the positive changes that lead to better health.

The initial aim of CHERISH is to contribute to the design and evaluation of interventions for couples affected by HIV, other STIs and, diabetes in South Africa. The proposed research is a partnership between the University of Southampton and two South African institutions: Human Sciences Research Council and University of Cape Town. The research has three strands:

  1. adapting an existing intervention to substantially enhance promotion of couples HIV testing and counselling among couples who have never tested  together for HIV or mutually disclosed their status
  2. developing a couples-focused intervention for couples where one partner has diabetes
  3. establishing a research agenda in couples-focused health research in SSA

Longer term, we aim to use our expertise to address ever-changing global health needs through couples-focused behaviour change strategies for health intervention research and practice.


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