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The University of Southampton
Couples HEalth Research and Intervention Studies (CHERISH)

A Couples-Focused Research Agenda in sub Saharan Africa

Establishing a research agenda in couples-focused health research in sub Saharan Africa.

Photo credit Dr Jörg Bätzing

In this theme we will use data from sub Saharan Africa in which couples can be identified and information about health outcomes and behaviours are available. We will then analyse this data at couples level and explore whether differences between men and women in heterosexual couples are more important than differences between couples. We will also measure whether couples relationship quality modifies health behaviours and health outcomes within couples.

Through this work we aim to develop guidance and recommendations for data collection on couples’ relationships, health and behaviours in sub Saharan Africa. We will seek to promote couples as a unit of analysis and as a unit for potential health interventions in LMIC and UK contexts. We also intend to support research sites in sub Saharan Africa involved in the implementation and evaluation of health interventions to become research-ready to undertake studies of couples-focused interventions to promote adult health.


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