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Researching Complex Healthcare Processes with Normalization Process Theory: the state of the art Event

2 February 2016
University of Southampton Highfield Campus Building 67 Room 1003

For more information regarding this event, please telephone Zena Galbraith on +44-(0)23-8059 8233 | From UHT dial 7328233 or email .

Event details

What does successful implementation look like? Using NPT to design and implement a nutrition guideline in neonatal intensive care - Dr Mark Johnson, Consultant Neonatologist, Department of Neonatal Medicine, University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust. Who is using NPT and what are they getting out of it? Preliminary results from a qualitative systematic review of healthcare evaluation studies - Professor Carl May, Professor of Healthcare Innovation, Health Sciences, University of Southampton. Can we measure normalization processes? Designing and developing the NOMAD Questionnaire - Dr Tracy Finch, Senior Lecturer in Psychology of Health Care, Newcastle University. Refreshments provided.

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