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Cancer survivorship

As leaders in cancer survivorship research and host to the Macmillan Survivorship Research Group,we use a range of methods to explore how people present with the symptoms of cancer, how they deal with those symptoms, and how they manage in day to day life.

The needs of carers and older people are a particular focus. We develop and test a range of interventions that address the physical, social and emotional consequences, and help people to manage using approaches like online self-management tools and coaching.

Advances in cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment mean more people are surviving cancer; there is an estimated two million people living with, or beyond, cancer in the UK today. However, the issues faced by those who have completed treatment have received little attention, until now...

Senior Lecturer Dr Deborah Fenlon, explains: "The general focus for cancer research has been on cure and prevention of the disease. But it is absolutely imperative we understand the experiences of cancer survivors in order to positively inform the professionals who support them."

There are currently three programmes of research:

  1. Understanding experiences and concerns for cancer survivors
  2. Developing, testing and evaluating new interventions for problems after cancer
  3. Investigating the organisation and delivery of care for people with cancer

1. Understanding experiences and concerns for cancer survivors

Macmillan Survivorship Research Group - 5 year research programme
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2. Developing, testing and evaluating new interventions for problems after cancer

CANDID (Clinical prediction rules for colorectal/lung cancer)
Little, P., Brindle, L.  NIHR NSPCR 2012: 60 months

Comprehensive review of evidence base for national cancer survivorship initiative
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SPUTNIK (IPCARD sub-study)
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3. Investigating the organisation and delivery of care for people with cancer

Analysis of free text responses from the Department of Health's 2013 survey of colorectal cancer Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs)
Corner, J., Wagland, R. NCAT. 2013

An evaluation of a telephone based outreach service for patients with breast and prostate cancer who have finished treatment
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The development and evaluation of tools to obtain patient and staff feedback to support and sustain patient-centered care
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Nurse sensitive outcomes and indicators in ambulatory chemotherapy
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Cancer survivorship
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