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Health Needs

Understanding experiences and concerns for cancer survivors

Macmillan Survivorship Research Group - 5 year research programme
Foster, C. Fenlon,D. Richardson, A. Addington-Hall, J. Corner, J. Macmillan Cancer Support. 2009: 5 years

A longitudinal cohort study of joint and muscle aches, pains and stiffness in women with primary breast cancer
Addington-Hall, J.Fenlon, D. Simmonds, P. George, S. Nicholls, P. Breast Cancer Campaign. 2008: 36 months

Older women's experience of breast cancer and other health conditions
Addington-Hall, J. Seymour, J. Payne, S. Foster, C. Fenlon, D. Stephens, R. Walsh, B. Coleman, P. Simmonds, P. Macmillan Cancer Support. 2007: 12 months

An investigation of the prevalence, impact and causes of joint aches, pains and muscle stiffness in women following primary treatment for breast cancerAddington-Hall, J. Fenlon,D. CECo (Cancer Experiences Collaborative. 2006: 12 months

Understanding the unknown: a case study approach to explore patients, carers and health care professionals; experiences of cancer of unknown primary site
Addington-Hall, J., Rogers, A., Foster, C., Davis, C., Boyland, C., Symons, J., Wagland, R.  Dimbleby Cancer Care Research Fund 2008: 18 months

A study of the use of complementary and alternative therapies among people undergoing cancer treatment
Corner, J., Department of Health. 2003: 27 months

Cancer experiences: Supportive and palliative care needs, problems and solutions (the CECo collaborative) 
Addington-Hall, J., Corner, J., Foster, C. NCRI. 2006:  60 months

Communication pathways surrounding people with cancer: who is involved, how do they communicate, and how do patients understand and manage this? 
Klumpp, K.,Jarrett, N., Duke, S., Addington-Hall, J., Davis, C., Corner, J., Lathlean, J. Dimbleby Cancer Care. 2009: 18 months

Identifying the impact of service user involvement on the lives of people affected by cancer
Cotterell, P., Macmillan Cancer Support. 2007: 12 months

I'm just in the shadow to keep an eye - an investigation to understand need for support in family members of people having chemotherapy
Ream E., Richardson A., Wiseman T., Fuller G., Oakley C., Foster, R.,  Macmillan Cancer Support. 2011: 14 months

Incidental findings (IFs) from genetic tests: exploring the ethical issues and implications for practice
Crawford G., Lucassen A., Foster C. NIHR Clin Doc. 2010: 36 months

Macmillan Listening Study: Listening to people affected by cancer about cancer research
Corner J, Wright D. Macmillan Cancer Relief. 2005 

Minority ethnic patients' participation in cancer research: An exploration of experiences, attitudes and barriers
Okamoto, I., Wright, D., Gunaratnum, Y., Cotterell, P., Foster. Macmillan Cancer Support.

National Cancer Survivorship Initiative: supporting self management of cancer survivors: summary of the evidence
Foster, C., Fenlon, D. Macmillan Cancer Support for National Cancer Survivorship Initiative. 2008: 6 weeks

Qualitative study of affected women having genetic testing for BRCA1/2
Foster, C., Cancer Research UK. 2001

Self management of problems experienced following primary cancer treatment: An exploratory study
Foster, C., Roffe, L., Scott, I., Cotterell, P. Macmillan Cancer Support. 

Supporting relatives: an investigation into obstacles and aids to information exchange within families affected by cancer
Foster, C., Addington-Hall, J., Hopkinson, J., Wright, D., Payne, S., Sayers, M., Robinson, J. Macmillan Cancer Support. 2008: 12 months

Triple negative breast cancer: perceptions of prognosis, psychological impact and care needs
Richardson, A., Armes, J., Tutt, A., Shrewbridge, A. Breast Cancer Campaign. 2010: 12 months

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