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The University of Southampton
Health Needs

Investigating the organisation and delivery of care for people surviving cancer

An evaluation of a telephone based outreach service for patients with breast and prostate cancer who have finished treatment
Richardson, A, Armes, J., Ream, E. Pfizer Health Solutions. 2008: 24 months

The development and evaluation of tools to obtain patient and staff feedback to support and sustain patient-centered care
Davies E., Richardson, A., Maben, J., Wiseman, J. Guys & St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust. 2008 - 36 months

Enhancing the role of carers in the outpatient chemotherapy settingReam, E., Robert, G., Verity, R., Oakley, C., Richardson, A. Dimbleby Cancer Care. 2010

How can discussions with relatives be facilitated following predictive genetic testing for BRCA1/2?
Foster, C., Addington-Hall, J. Lucassen, A. Cancer Research UK Studentship. 2006: 48 months

Mapping and understanding the scope and role of specialist cancer helplines in the UK and the barriers and enablers to maximizing their effectiveness
Leydon, G., Moynihan, C., Salmon, P., Latter, S., Little, P., McPherson, K., Brindle, L, Corner, J. Dimbleby Cancer Care. 2010: 24 months

Quality in Cancer Nursing - Nurse Sensitive Outcome Indicators for Ambulatory Chemotherapy
Griffiths, P., Armes, J. Richardson, A., Corner, J. NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement. 2010: 12 months

Nurse sensitive outcomes and indicators in ambulatory chemotherapy
Griffiths, P., Richardson, A. National Cancer Action Team. 2009: 6 months

The role of the primary care team in the care and support of patients diagnosed with cancer- perspectives of patients' family members and primary health care professionals 
Watson, E., Boulton, M., Richardson, A., Rose, P., Savage, B., Wilson, S. Macmillan Cancer Support. 2008: 18 months

Understanding the role of and communication process engaged in specialist cancer helpline work
Leydon, G., Simmons, K., Danquah, L. NIHR 2010:  36 months

Change in management from clinic to home: acceptability and barriers to successful implementation. A qualitative exploration of intravenous and oral bisphosphonates in metastatic breast cancer. Nelson, A. Murray, N. Abraham, J. Hood, K. Griffiths, G. Rees, S. Morris, J. Fenlon, D. Wheatley, D. Wales Cancer Trials Unit. 2007:12 months

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