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Health Needs

Understanding the experiences and concerns of patients who need end of life care

A study of the experience of living with secondary breast cancer
Corner, J., Reed, E., Simmonds, P., Gulliford, T., Semlyen, J. Breast Cancer Campaign. 2003: 36 months

An exploration of the manifestations, management and meaning of weight loss and eating difficulties in people with advanced cancer: Phase II.
Corner, J. Macmillan Cancer Relief.

Assessing the value and impact of constructing illness trajectories for enhancing patient self-management and service delivery in motor neurone disease
Brown, J. Health Foundation (formerly PPP).  2007:

Barriers to Tissue Donation: What cognitive and emotional associations do bereaved family members bring to the multi-tissue and corneal request interview?
Long-Sutehall, T. NIHR. 2008: 36 months

Care at the end of life: experience and support needs of older family caregivers of people with advanced cancer
Bailey, C., Dimbleby Cancer Care. 2009:  24 months

Development of a module to supplement the EORTC Core instruments for assessment of Health Related Quality of Life in patients with Cancer Cachexia
Johnson, C., Fearon, K., Hopkinson, J., Strasser, F., Kaasa S., Caraceni,A., Fitzsimmons, D., Ramage J., Hammerlid E., Vergunst, M.P. EORTC. 2010: 24 months

Exploring the end of life decision-making and hospital experiences of families who did not donate organs or tissues for transplant operations
Long-Sutehall, T. UK Transplant. 2006  

Family distress and grieving in EoLC in Critical Care: causes, consequences and interventions
Coombs, M. NIHR CNO CL. 2010: 36 months

Investigation into the barriers to multi tissue and corneal donation, Long-Sutehall, T. NIHR. 2010: 36 months

Men as carers in multiple sclerosis: identifying their support needs and preferences
Sibley A., Addington-Hall, J., Brown, J B., Payne, S. MS Society. 2009: 24 months

Research into the supportive care of patients with cancer cachexia syndrome and their family members
Hopkinson, J., Addington-Hall, J., Luker, K.  Macmillan Cancer Support  2008: 36 months

Managing suffering at the end of life: a study of continuous deep sedation until death
Seymour, J., Payne, S., Searle, C., Addington-Hall, J., Mathers, N., Smithson, W.H. ESRC. 2009: 30 months

Systematic review on end of life care experiences of information disclosure, communication and decision-making involvement
Hui, K-Y., Addington-Hall, J., Bailey, C. CECo. YEAR:  MONTHS

The needs and experiences of children with limited life expectancy and their families
Corner, J., The Health Foundation (Training Fellowship Nursing & Allied Health Professions. 2006: MONTHS

Quality of Life in older age: Psychometric testing of the multidimensional Older People's Quality of Life (OPQOL)
Banister, D., Bowling, A., Stenner, P., Titheridge, H.  ESRC. 

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