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The University of Southampton
Health Needs

Other associated projects

Our staff have also participated in these other related areas of research:

Patients' experiences of care and the influence of staff motivation, affect and well-being 
Richardson, A., Maben, J., Peccei, R., Robert, G., Murrells, T., Cornwell, J., Conway, N., Bell, G. National Institute of Health Research SDO Programme.  2008: 18 months

A randomised controlled trial of outpatient cervical priming for induction of labour
Turnbull, D., Wilkinson, C., Gerard, K., Ryan, P., Bryce, R., Stamp, G., Howard, K. National Health and Research Council Australia.

Benefit transfer study of Chlamydia Screening preferences using DCE data
Gerard, K., Bolt, T., Watson, V., Veerakathy, H. NIHR Career Development Fellowship. 

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