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Louis Tyler(李易琛), CI student participated in 2nd Chinese Competition of Charitable Projects & Business Innovations for UK University Students (2021)

Published: 16 April 2021
Louis Tyler
Louis Tyler

In order to promote the development of business Chinese teaching in the UK universities, stimulate UK university students' potential in business innovation and encourage them to care, participate in and advocate for charitable projects, the 2nd Chinese Competition of Charitable Projects & Business Innovations for UK University Students was held online on 10th April, 2021. 16 contestants from 9 Universities participated in the competition.

Louis Tyler(李易琛), a student from the Confucius Institute of the University of Southampton, took part in this competition and introduced his ‘UK-China cross-cultural cooperation programme’. Based on his learning experience since 2018, Louis designed this skills and exchange programme to promote better integration between Chinese and British students.. The idea incorporated university employability centers, the UK Chinese students and scholars association and other organizations, to promote thorough exchange between both sides and the subsequent development of other projects. Although Louis failed to win a prize this time, this is the first time he has participated in a Chinese competition since beginning to study Chinese independently in 2018, which is of great significance to his Chinese learning. Through the competition, he not only got to know his weaknesses, but also accumulated valuable experience and gained a lot. When he saw so many people who love Chinese like him learning and using Chinese in the competition, he felt that the exchange program he designed to promote the learning of Chinese and British university students was of great value and was also inspired and encouraged.

"To promote learning through competition" is a good way to motivate and improve Chinese learning. As there are more and more Chinese language events in the UK to , the Confucius institute of university of Southampton hope more non-Chinese friends get to know Chinese people and Chinese culture, and students can find platforms to improve and demonstrate their Chinese level., The Confucius Institute will be committed providing better and more professional help to lovers of Chinese language and culture.

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