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Southern-Fist Kungfu course

Published: 8 March 2024
Southern-Fist Kungfu flyer

We are pleased to announce that the Southern Fist course will start on Friday 8th March. This course will be run by Southampton University Confucius Institute (CI), collaborated with Chinese Association of Southampton (CAS) and Chinese Students & Scholars Association.

Southern-Fist or Nanquan ((南拳) refers to a classification of Chinese martial arts that originates from the south of the Yangtze River in China. The southern styles of Chinese martial arts are characterised by emphasis on short hitting and specific arm movements. It involves vigorous and athletic movements with very stable and low stances, together with extensive hand techniques and vocal shouting.

Prof Michael Ng will teach you one of the southern fist sequences in these 14 lessons. Please join us on Friday afternoon 4-5pm, at the activity Room (Room 2015), University Southampton Student Union (Building 42). There are 14 lessons in total and £14 per person. You will find the payment link from the flyer.

We aim to improve the flexibility and strength of participants. All are welcome.

Find out more about this course .

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