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The University of Southampton
The Confucius Institute

Free Public Lectures-Traditional Chinese Medicine Event

17:00 - 19:00
9 November 2017
2003/ Building46, Highfield campus

Event details

The Confucious Insitute is pleased to host the following two talks related to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Practicle sessions will follow each talk.

Chinese approaches to wellbeing and health in the context of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
 Prof. Wang Yanhui

Longevity is a common pursuit of mankind. Modern social stability and high level of living quality promote the need to stay healthy for longer, making health preservation a popular topic in the society. This lecture mainly discusses the health preservation, explains what health preservation is and why and how to preserve health, and provides a number of practical methods for health preservation, calling on everyone to stay in good health to achieve the goal of improving health and preventing diseases. Meanwhile, the lecture will introduce the traditional Chinese medicine exercise “Ba Duan Jin”. Besides, through the application of traditional Chinese medicine theory, the lecture also teaches the audience to differentiate heat, cold, excess, deficiency syndromes by observing the tongue variation and provides corresponding methods of health preservation to help everyone improve their physiques and do their life management well.
Language used: Chinese (with interpreter)
Interaction Forms available: TCM exercise “Ba Duan Jin”, Diagnosis based on TCM

 An Introduction to Acupuncture
 Prof. Qian Xiaoyan

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an important part of the Chinese culture. In recent years, natural treatment has been drawing increasing attention. Therefore, acupuncture, as an important part of TCM, and an effective, safe, widely applicable natural treatment, has been accepted by more and more countries, leading to an “acupuncture craze” around the world. There are more than 180 countries accept this method. The WHO recognizes that acupuncture can treat more than 100 common disorders. The number of people that already adopted TCM treatment has accounted for nearly 70% of the world’s population. This lecture mainly introduces how the acupuncture treatment regulate and stimulate the flow of Qi and blood in channel systems to cure diseases based on the conduction of the points and channels of human body, and these could effectively improve the understanding of TCM.
Language used: English
Interaction Forms available: Experiencing TCM treatment, Diagnosis based on TCM.

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