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Centre for Imperial and Post Colonial Studies

Sold Out? US Foreign Policy, Iraq, the Kurds, and the Cold War Event

Bryan R Gibson
14 March 2017
65/1163, Avenue Campus, SO17 1BF. Refreshments Provided.

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Event details

This seminar is co sponsored by CIPCS and the Centre for Transnational Studies (TNS).

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From 1972 to 1975, the White House ran a covert operation to support Kurdish rebels fighting for autonomy from Baghdad. Unfortunately, the CIA operation came to an abrupt halt in March 1975, leading to accusations the US sold the Kurds out. In his talk, Dr. Bryan R. Gibson will discuss his new book, "Sold Out? US Foreign Policy, Iraq, the Kurds, and the Cold War," which examines the circumstances surrounding this controversial program and make a case for his conclusion that the decision to end the covert assistance program was presented to the White House as a fait accompli by the Shah of Iran.

Speaker information

Dr Bryan R Gibson,Johns Hopkins University,an adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University’s Global Security Studies program and an Affiliate Faculty member at the University of Washington’s Jackson School of International Studies. He holds a PhD in International History from the London School of Economics and was previously the Pinto Post-Doctoral Fellow at the LSE’s Centre for Diplomacy and Strategy and an Instructor on Middle Eastern History and Politics in the LSE’s Department of International History. Dr. Gibson is the author of Sold Out? US Foreign Policy, Iraq, the Kurds, and the Cold War (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015), Covert Relationship: U.S. Foreign Policy, Intelligence and the Iran-Iraq War (Praeger, 2010), and co-edited with Professor Nigel Ashton, The Iran- Iraq War: New International Perspectives (Routledge, 2012). He is also currently working on two archival editions on the Kurds and Yemen that will be published by Cambridge University Press in 2017. Dr. Gibson’s research focuses on foreign policy decision-making with respect to the Middle East and Gulf regions, specifically looking at the history of U.S. foreign policy toward Iraq, Iran, the Kurds and, more recently, Yemen.

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