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Professor Jane Falkingham 

Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Professor of Demography and International Social Policy,Director of ESRC Centre for Population Change

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Professor Jane Falkingham is Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Southampton.

Demographic change and its consequences for the distribution of social and economic welfare is a consistent theme throughout all my research.

I am currently the Director of the ESRC Centre for Population Change, and President of the European Association of Population Studies (EAPS).

My research interests are in:

Research interests

I have a number of currently funded research projects, including:

The ESRC Centre for Population Change, is funded by the ESRC from 2009-2018 to examine the drivers and consequences of population change. For a full overview of its research programme see

I am also PI on the EPSRC Care Life Cycle Programme.  The programme aims to develop a suite of innovative modelling tools incorporating factors associated with the supply and demand of health and social care as well as expert opinion, to inform the development of social policy. For more details see

I am Co-I on the EPSRC funded Energy for Development project. The current work in Africa involves promoting and implementing electrification projects for impoverished rural villages without power sources, establishing and addressing villagers' needs, investigating impacts on rural poverty and improving the health and wellbeing of the community. This unique work is providing power to businesses and to around 3000 villagers in Kenya and influencing the work of global institutions with mandates in this area. see

I am also co-I on the EPSRC funded Liveable Cities Programme grant  (£6.3million). Liveable Cities is an ambitions, five-year programme of research to develop a method of designing and engineering low-carbon, resource-secure, wellbeing enhanced UK cities. This will be achieved via the development of a unique City Analysis Methodology (CAM) that will measure how cities operate and perform in terms of their people, environment and governance, taking account of wellbeing and resource security.The CAM will be used to establish future visions of low-carbon, resource-secure, liveable UK cities from which the team will backcast to determine what needs to be done now to achieve these visions. Using the CAM, the Liveable Cities team will develop realistic and radical engineering solutions for achieving the UK's ambitious carbon reduction targets and will test them in three UK cities: Birmingham, Lancaster and Southampton.  See

 Recently funded projects

  •  DfID-ESRC joint scheme 'Left behind in transition: the welfare of older people in Central Asia and the Caucasus' with Professor Maria Evandrou, Centre for Research on Ageing, University of Southampton
  • DfID-ESRC joint scheme 'Mapping maternal mortality in Ghana' with Professor Zoe Matthews, Centre for Global Health, Population, Poverty & Policy, University of Southampton
  • DfID-ESRC joint scheme 'Demographic and poverty dynamics in an African population with high AIDs mortality and implications for social policy' with Professor Ian Timaeus (LSHTM) and Professor Julian May (University of KwaZulu-Natal)
  • Wellcome Trust Urbanisation, 'Poverty and health dynamics in sub-saharan Africa' with Dr Eliya Zulu, Prof Nyovani Madaise, Dr Alex Ezeh (Africa Population & Health Research Centre and Professor John Cleland (LSHTM)

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Professor Jane Falkingham

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