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The University of Southampton
The Care Life Cycle

Care modelling

This workstream took a pluralist approach, it combined several different modelling methodologies in order to develop an integrated suite of models that captured the interactions amongst the major components of the health and social care systems from a complex systems perspective.

Micro to macro diagram
Micro to macro diagram

Previously, models have been developed for various sub-components of this system, but they have never been fully and holistically related to one another in a way that allows the complexity of the interconnections between them, and the resultant feedback effects and emergent behaviour, to be successfully captured.

How was this achieved?

Rather than attempting to build a single grand model, we instead adopted a multi-scale, multi-paradigm approach to capturing the nature of the interactions between the processes and systems involved, driven by empirical findings and worked towards a suite of mutually consistent and informing models that had real policy impact.

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