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The University of Southampton
The Care Life Cycle

Care policy impact

This stream of work was aimed at creating a climate in which scientists and policy makers can develop a more nuanced grasp of the multi-faceted relationship between research and policy. It was composed of three work packages:

Stakeholder engagement

This work package engaged stakeholders, firstly, in order to inform the research questions of the programme, the design of the models and the scenarios explored, and secondly, in order to critique model behaviour and results, before being involved amongst the consumers and disseminators of the findings.

Complexity and policy

The aim of this work package was to foster a better understanding of how best to use modelling activity to influence policy in a productive manner. By working alongside policy makers involved in complex decision-making, this work package developed a framework characterising the multiple roles which models play, for example in providing accurate predictions or simply in identifying areas of uncertainty.

Participatory modelling

Delivering model findings in a format which can inform real-world policy making is a process which involves active engagement with stakeholders, a process which in its extreme form, is termed participatory modelling. This work package developed activities in which stakeholders can explore the different potential for policy influence embodies in different modelling paradigms.

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