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The University of Southampton
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Dr Nick Woodman MA, MEng, MSc, PhD, FGS

Senior Research Fellow

Dr Nick Woodman's photo

Dr Nick Woodman is a Senior Research Fellow within Engineering and Physical Sciences at the University of Southampton.

Nick is a groundwater hydrogeologist with a background in fluid mechanics and mechanical engineering. His research focuses on mathematical modelling of coupled (solute, thermal, poro-mechanical) processes in highly heterogeneous soils and groundwater.

Research interests

Nick Woodman is interested in the dynamics of fluid flow and transport through the heterogeneous sub-surface across a wide range of groundwater environments. He works on simulation of contaminant (solutes and nanoparticles), heat (both shallow ground source and deep hydro-geothermal systems), poro-mechanics and shallow soil-water hydrology.  A significant application of his research has been in relation to understanding the transport of potentially polluting substances from contamination sources to the wider groundwater environment. He has worked on a diversity of media including soil, clay, fractured crystalline rock, limestone and chalk and has conducted substantial research into the flushing of contaminants from waste repositories over long timescales.

Skills include:

  • Building semi-analytical and numerical models of the subsurface on a range of different platforms
  • Solving coupled fluid flow, transport, mechanical and heat problems using numerical models
  • Design and analysis of tracer and flushing experiment in the laboratory and in the field
  • Optimisation of groundwater tracer experiments at a variety of scales
  • Examining transport though clay barriers: transport of herbicide & the role of nanoparticles
  • Uncertainty analysis
Other research projects

'Evolution of the physical, geochemical and mechanical properties of the Alpine Fault Zone: A journey through an active plate boundary.' (NERC NE/J022128/1, June 2013)

'Transport of toxic metals in clay mineral barriers: Influence of mobile sorbent nanoparticles' (EPSRC EP/H030328/1)

'Dissolved and solid phase organic carbon influences on the sorption/desorption of hydrophobic organic contaminants in clay mineral geological layers' (EPSRC EP/G016305/1)

'Science and Strategies for the long-term management and remediation of landfills' (EPSRC EP/E041965/1)

'The role of community based initiatives in Energy Saving' (EPSRC ES/I007504/1).

‘Rooting for Sustainable Performance’ (EPSRC EP/M020177/1[WN1] )

 ‘Non Steady Analytical Models for Energy Pile Testing and Design‘ (EPSRC EP/P001351/1)

‘Infrastructure slopes: sustainable management and resilience assessment (iSmart)’ (EPSRC EP/K027050/1) ‘Non Steady Analytical Models for Energy Pile Testing and Design‘ EPSRC EP/P001351/1

 ‘Poroelasticity in the Bengal Aquifer System: implications for groundwater resources monitoring strategy in Bangladesh’ (EPSRC-UCL Global Challenges Research Fund [Based at University College London])

Gabura piezometer
Gabura piezometer (hiding behind plinth) site adjacent to cyclone shelter and shrimp ponds, S. W. Bangladesh. Borehole pressures are strongly influenced by poro-mechanical surface loading.
Community Workshop
Community energy-reduction workshop
Mountain image
Groundwater model: Whataroa Valley
Drilling site
The DFDP2 drilling site, Whataroa Valley, South Island, NZ
PhD Student
UCL PhD Student Sarmin Sultana and Atikul Islam testing saline groundwater at Sarmin’s field site, S.W. Bangldesh
Tracer man
Applying tracer to waste
Waste compressor
Compressing waste for solute test.

Research group

Infrastructure Group

Affiliate research groups

Waste Management, Geochemistry

Research project(s)

Community Based Initiatives in Energy Saving

How do we reduce the length of landfill aftercare?

Landfill hydraulics

Processes, mechanics and management of wastes

Nick is a co-supervisor on two PhD projects. 

Jamie Coussens (at NOCS), 'Regional meteoric fluid flow in an active orogenic mountain belt, the Southern Alps, New Zealand'

Sasha Pedchenko (at FEE), ‘Investigating heat transport by groundwater in fractured aquifers for ground energy applications’ 

Nick also regularly supervises MSc and final-year undergraduate research projects.

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Dr Nick Woodman
Engineering, University of Southampton, Southampton Boldrewood Innovation Campus, Burgess Road, Southampton, SO16 7QF

Room Number: 178

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