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The University of Southampton
Clean Carbon

Clean Carbon members at the International Conference on Carbon Dioxide Utilisation (ICCDU) 2016

Published: 20 September 2016
the diamond
The conference venue


This event, which was the fourteenth three-day International Conference on Carbon Dioxide Utilisation, was held in the UK for the first time this year, at the University of Sheffield’s new engineering building, The Diamond, where the three conference themes were: ‘CO2 Splitting’, ‘CO2 Insertion’ and ‘Enabling technologies’.

Representing the University of Southampton’s research in this area, Dr Pier Sazio and postgraduate student William Webb attended the conference and in the afternoon session on Day 3, William gave a talk entitled ‘Engineering heterogeneous organocatalysts for the sustainable utilisation of carbon dioxide.’



The talks I saw spanned a wide range with many examples presented of researchers utilising carbon dioxide and turning it into something more useful, more valuable or both. That said, I think it was also very clear that there is still a long way to go before many of these processes become commercially viable or have a large impact on global emissions of carbon dioxide

William Webb - Postgraduate engineering student, University of Southampton
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