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The University of Southampton
Clean Carbon

Clean Carbon's latest showcase a big success

Published: 15 November 2017
Professor Rachael James at the Clean Carbon event

Undergraduates, Masters students as well as PhD candidates joined academic staff to enjoy Clean Carbon's latest research theme showcase networking event.

After a networking session, Professor Jonathan Bull, Associate Dean Research, Faculty of Natural and Environmental Sciences at the University of Southampton, opened the meeting by introducing the first speaker, representing the Clean Carbon Sequestration research theme, Professor Rachael James. Her talk: ‘Sequestration of atmospheric carbon dioxide through enhanced weathering of basalt and mine waste materials’, described the process whereby the application of pulverised silicate rock, like basalt, can take CO2 out of the atmosphere completely, leading to an overall net decrease in atmospheric carbon. Dr Lindsay Armstrong chaired the Q & A which dealt with the many questions that were stimulated.

Dr Pier Sazio, who is the Clean Carbon lead for the Utilisation research theme, introduced the second speaker, Dr Bing Tao. His talk: 'Converting CO2 into Gaseous Fuel by Biomethanisation in Anaerobic Digestion', shared some of his results and he explained the science and method of how anaerobic digestion of farm waste can be optimised so as to produce a high enough percentage of methane to be suitable for piping into the gas supply. Again, the talk sparked off much discussion as the audience plied him with their questions.


Dr Bing Tao, giving his talk

After the talks there was another opportunity for people to chat informally and network before the meeting closed. Twitter was busy and several new followers were added to the Clean Carbon Twitter account, following the event.


If you are interested in joining Clean Carbon you can do so HERE

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