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The University of Southampton
Clean Carbon

Behavioural and policy change

Climate change mitigation and a green economy can only be achieved if certain conditions are met. Firstly, cleaner technologies need to be in place, secondly, these technologies must be adopted by users at cost-effective prices and at economies of scale and finally, behavioural change and policy change must go along keeping pace with technological developments. The main research questions are: how can our society become socially and environmentally sustainable and how can our economy transition from a linear economy to a circular economy? These are vital questions to discuss if we want to explore how society and technology can develop both in parallel and interdependently to support behavioural and policy change in developed and developing countries.

who emits most page

Who emits most?

New insights into possible distributional implications of mitigation policies in the UK.

green banking

Sustainable banking

Banking of the future? Lending money for environmentally sustainable and green projects

Theme Lead

Dr Johan Nordensvard


Esmé Flegg

Amy Welch

Rucha Amin

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