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The University of Southampton
Clean Carbon

Carbon Reduction

Our goal is to develop innovative approaches for reducing the amount of carbon dioxide produced by human activities. We are attacking this goal firstly by reducing our consumption of carbon dioxide -intensive energy and goods, and secondly by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide generated by the production of energy and other goods.


The HEVIMA project

A modular parallel hybrid marine power system to reduce carbon emissions in small ferries


Green clean transport

New hybrid engine for Venetian water taxis improves air quality by reducing carbon emissions


Tidal turbines

Exploring ways to enable better energy yields from tidal currents


The MAGLUE project

Modelling biomass production and soil carbon turnover: long-term field trials with eddy covariance flux systems measuring CO2 and H2O exchanges


Cleaner fuel

Carbon neutral bio-fuels offer a cleaner future. Our research aims to provide an accurate and practical model for the injection and combustion of liquid fuel blends

Theme lead

Dr Edward Richardson

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