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The University of Southampton
Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Culture

Collecting Knowledge Event

18 January 2016
Lecture Theatre C Avenue Campus University of Southampton SO17 1BF

For more information regarding this event, please email Fredrica Teale at .

Event details

CMRC Study Day

This study day aims to investigate the collection of knowledge within and about the Medieval and Early Modern periods from a range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives. The means and media by which knowledge and information were collected and disseminated are central to culture, identity and administration in the Middle Ages and Early Modern periods.  Subjects might include manuscript sources such as letter collections, formularies, registers, sheet music, chronicles, florilegia, anthologies, miscellanies, encyclopaedia, authorities, archives, the technologies of manuscript production, collection and use, and the architecture, furniture and physical space of libraries. We welcome papers of approximately 20 minutes from a wide range of disciplines covering topics such as:

Varieties of texts in medieval and early modern collections.
The purposes of collecting and collating manuscripts and books.
Methods and means of collection.
The physical medium of collection - eg. manuscript, printed book or library. This could also include the conservation of those mediums in the present day.
The collection as material: technologies; things; spaces.
Circulation of knowledge.
Accessibility of collections by individuals.
The difficulty of discerning the motives of collectors.
The performance of texts e.g. liturgy, play collection, reading aloud and legal texts.
Using collections – then and now.
Collecting, preserving and anthologising medieval and early modern knowledge in the contemporary world; collections as heritage.

If interested please send abstracts of 200 words to Fredrica Teale at .

The deadline for abstracts is Tuesday 3rd November.

We also welcome posters relevant to any of the topics above, to be viewed between sessions at the study day.

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