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The University of Southampton
Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Culture

Reuter Lecture 2011 Event

6 June 2011
Humanities University of Southampton

Event details

The Reuter Lecture was instituted in 2004 in memory of Timothy Reuter, late Professor of Medieval History at the University of Southampton. In keeping with Tim's own diversity of interests, the Lecture each year addresses a comparative theme across region, period or discipline. The lectures are published by the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Culture.

This year's Reuter Lecturer will be Professor David D'Avray.

Professor D'Avray has worked on medieval marriage, preaching, attitudes to kingship and death, and rationalities. He is currently working on royal annulments and papal dispensations, instrumental ethics in the Middle Ages, and structures of papal history from the fourth to the sixteenth centuries.

Previous Reuter Lectures

  • 2004 Chris Wickham, Problems in doing Comparative History
  • 2005 Janet L. Nelson, Charlemagne and the Paradoxes of Power
  • 2006 Patrick Geary, Historians as Public Intellectuals
  • 2007 Miri Rubin, The Global 'Middle Ages'
  • 2008 William Chester Jordan, Anti-Corruption Campaigns in the Thirteenth Century
  • 2009 Wendy Davies, Judges and judging: truth and justice in tenth-century northern Iberia
  • 2010 Sheila Bonde, Re-presenting the Past: Material things and Uncertainty

Copies of the Reuter Lectures 2004-9 are available by subscription.

Speaker information

Professor David d'Avray ,University College London

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