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The University of Southampton
Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Culture

The Old Sarum Landscapes Project: Reassessing the Formation of a Sorviodunum and the Medieval City of Old Sarum Seminar

10 October 2017
Lecture Theatre A, Avenue Campus, SO17 1BF

For more information regarding this seminar, please telephone Mary Andrew on +442380593407 or email .

Event details

Part of the CMRC Seminar Series

The Old Sarum Landscapes Project, a collaboration between the University of Southampton and the University of Swansea, is applying a combined research strategy, incorporating data and photographic archives, surface collection, geophysical survey and excavation, to produce a new analysis and interpretation of the settlement of Old Sarum, and its influence on the surrounding landscape, particularly in the Roman and medieval periods. This paper presents the preliminary results of the project from the topographic and geophysical surveys of the city of Old Sarum, the east suburb, the Roman road settlement, and the newly-discovered western suburb of the city. It reveals the substantial and complicated urban plan of the medieval city located in the outer bailey of the monument, and the extensive pattern of settlement in the eastern suburb and northern portion of the road settlement, following the line of the Ackling Dyke. In addition the results of recent survey and excavation in Dean’s Park, between Old Sarum and the River Avon has brought to light the presence of a western suburb of Old Sarum, and the extent and nature of deposits associated with the medieval village of Stratford sub-Castle. These results are interpreted in the light of existing archive material, grey literature reports, and published excavations from the 1910s and 1940s/50s to propose a preliminary plan of the pattern of settlement in and around this important site.

As always, refreshments will be provided and all are welcome!

Speaker information

Kris Strutt,Mr Kristian Strutt is an Experimental Officer in Archaeology at the University of Southampton. I specialise in archaeological mapping and geophysical survey. I am the Director of the Archaeological Prospection Services of Southampton unit, and also responsible for carrying out research survey work and applied archaeological geophysics. I previously worked as Camerone Assistant at the British School at Rome.

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