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The University of Southampton
Clinical Neonatal and Developmental Neurosciences Group


What is NeuroKids?

NeuroKids is an exciting public engagement project for schools, NeuroKids will teach children how the brain works in a fun and interactive way, using interactive videos and fun remote interactive workshops. ​NeuroKids aims is to stimulate children's interests in neuroscience​ and help them to understand about neurodiversity.  This is a collaborative project between the Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Psychology to teach primary school children about neuroscience and neuroscience research.


Who are we?

We are a group of researchers based at the University of Southampton. Our research focusses on neurodevelopment in children. In particular, our interests are long term neurodevelopmental disorders in children and how we can improve the outcomes, such life skills and quality of life. 


Get involved

If you would like your primary school to get involved please use the email address below to contact us


We will then send you our interactive videos and we can even host a virtual Q&A for the children to ask us questions.



Contact NeuroKids
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