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Be your own environmentally-friendly waste controller

Recycling for charity
Recycling for charity

Recycling in Southampton can be quite different from how recycling works where you are from. Here you will find tips on how to manage your recycling bins.

When your bins are collected

To see your bin collection days, visit Southampton City Council’s website and enter your postcode. You can download your bin collection days into an online calendar and have your smart phone remind you what needs to go out which evening.

Take your bins in

It is important that you take your bins in off the pavement between collections. Leaving your bins out on the pavement can affect people with:

A fine of up to £100 will be charged if you leave your recycling bin on the pavement.

What goes where?

Green-lidded bin

Blue-lidded bin

To find out more about what plastics can be recycled, watch the short video below.

If you have any questions about which bin to use, contact your landlord.

Replacement bins

Contact the council to report a missing bin, or if you need to request a larger bin.

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