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The University of Southampton
Skylaris Research Group

Electronic Structure Methods Meetings

General Information

The purpose of each of these meetings, which are organized by the Skylaris group, is to present a small part of existing (so not new research) method/algorithm currently implemented in the ONETEP code. Some of these methods may be implemented in other electronic structure codes too (linear-scaling or not).

Each meeting focuses on a small part of a method but will go in depth, so not just the equations you can find in a paper, but also some explanation (e.g. with figures, diagrams etc.) of how the method is implemented in ONETEP, focusing more on the viewpoint of the developer.

The meetings consist of a talk (approximately 15-30 minutes long) followed by questions/discussion. The aim is to describe accurately each method and to convey the science, the maths, and the numerical implementation.



The slides are available for download by clicking on the following links.

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