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The University of Southampton
Skylaris Research Group

Chris Pittock

Chris Pittock

Chris obtained his Master of Chemistry degree in Computational Chemistry at the University of Surrey in 2008, with research concentrating on the electrostatic conditions of the i-FABP protein [PDB: 2IFB][1,2] using Hartree-Fock calculation.

His research projects are spread widely throughout the scope of computational chemistry, but do centre on the practical applications of the ONETEP code, which offers plane-wave DFT, at a linear-scaling computational cost:

Chris has a wide practical background in computational chemistry software, such as HyperChem, Gaussian, MOE, alongside the Amber and NWChem software suites that dominate his work other than the prototype ONETEP program.

Outside of study, Chris hosts an occasional podcast based on chipmusic, is HSE-qualified in First Aid and has a Chess Elo rating of ~1250.

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