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The University of Southampton
CORMSIS Centre for Operational Research, Management Sciences and Information Systems

The performance of Human Capital Management software systems’ users: Bridging the divide between HR analytics and Technology Adoption research Event

13:00 - 14:00
14 March 2016
Room 1083 Building 2, Southampton Business School

For more information regarding this event, please email Dr Yuan Huang at .

Event details

Abstract: The recent widespread adoption of Human Capital Management software (HCM) systems, has brought to the fore the issue of the employees’ acceptance and actual usage of these systems. In fact, understanding the drivers of the employees’ usage of HCM systems is becoming increasingly important, in the HR analytics’ effort to assess and improve the employees’ performance. In this seminar we will present the research trying to establish a link between the HR analytics demand for a tool allowing firms to understand the performance of their employees using HCM systems, with the behavioural models produced by the research on technology acceptance (TAM) since the seminal contribution of Davis (1989). More specifically, our aim is to build on the technology acceptance models proposed by the TAM literature to introduce a novel ‘operational’ model of HCM usage, which HR analytics practitioners can use as a decision-making support. Moreover, we argue that by developing a behavioural model of adoption from the ‘HR analytics’ perspective, will also represent a valuable contribution to the advancement of the TAM research itself as it will increase the TAM scholars’ knowledge of technology adoptions and usage in organizational contexts. More generally, the development of an operational model of technology acceptance and usage will breathe new life into a research field that seems to be in the doldrums.

Speaker information

Dr Umberto Gostoli,Southampton Business School,Bio: Umberto Gostoli holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Bologna (Italy). He is currently a KTP Associate at the University of Southampton and, previously, he held several research positions in academic institutions around the world: Italy, Taiwan, Canada and UK. He worked on various projects related to the development of behavioural micro-foundations of dynamic socio-economic systems.

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