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The University of Southampton
CORMSIS Centre for Operational Research, Management Sciences and Information Systems

CORMSIS Seminar "Developing IS Collaborations in the UK Public Sector" - Fatema Zaghloul Event

9 December 2021
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Event details

The public sector consists of discrete areas; police deal with crime-related incidents, National Health Service (NHS) ambulance deal with health, and Fire and Rescue Services (FRS) with threats to person and property. Yet, the complex issues these organisations address usually overlaps numerous organisational spheres of work. Over the past three decades, operational reforms and successive legislation have promoted UK emergency services to collaborate with other public and/or private sector organisations in an attempt to achieve benefits such as enhanced effectiveness, efficiency, service quality, information integration, and interoperability. A key element in these collaborations is the development of ‘information infrastructures’ that enable partners to share information and allow data exchange and convergence.

Speaker information

Dr Fatema Zaghloul, a Lecturer in Information Systems and Systems Thinking within the Department of Decision Analytics and Risk. Her research focuses on how digital technology impacts organisations and society. In particular, she is interested in digital transformation and the interrelationship between emerging technologies, people, and their work practices, in a variety of contexts. Fatema’s current research activities explore the development of collaborative information infrastructures, which involves the alignment of the overall IT/IS environment across and between multiple organisations, in the context of public sector ‘emergency service’ organisations.

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