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The University of Southampton

Working on Campus

COVID-19 roadmap

Following UK Government guidance, as of 13 December, staff who are not required on campus for teaching, research and supporting our students, staff and campus facilities should work from home if they are able to.

We are moving to a more hybrid approach over the next academic year –  a process that will naturally take time to refine and should be undertaken in a considered and sensible manner to protect our community whilst also allowing for increased interaction and collaboration. These decisions should be agreed at school, department and individual team level, so please talk to your Line Manager in the first instance.

Changes in local case transmission and other risk factors may impact some control measures such as social distancing and the use of face coverings, but these changes will be reflected in the guidance as and when they occur.

Please access the Health & Safety during COVID-19 SharePoint site for detailed guidance documents on the most frequent activities. We have also released a principles document that outlines the guiding principles for the upcoming months.

Working on our campuses

Those working on campus should continue to practice good personal hygiene and adhere to any local control measures which have been implemented for their health and safety. We strongly encourage colleagues to continue wearing face coverings when moving around inside our building and in crowded spaces.

Staff working on our campuses should read the general campus safety document to understand the expectations and measures that are in place.

At University level, a COVID-19 Return to Work Guidance Induction eLearning module has been created, which staff must complete. We have also produced risk assessments for lab and researchoffice and teaching and learning environments.

All University guidance documents can be found on the Health, Safety and Risk SharePoint.

In addition, there may be a local building induction process for staff. Please discuss local processes with your Line Manager. Please note that buildings are all different. Staff should familiarise themselves with the risk assessment for each respective building that they enter.

Vulnerable Staff

The safety of our community is our top priority and Line Managers are required to ensure they assess any risk to their teams and perform person specific risk assessments where required. Specific guidance is available for Vulnerable Staff.

Using shared spaces on our campuses

Over the last 18 months we have been working to assess and improve ventilation across our estate, using Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) and Health Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines to reduce the risk of transmitting COVID-19 through air supply.

Spaces with mechanical ventilation have been assessed by the Estates and Facilities team to ensure the mechanical ventilation provides sufficient air flow.

In some spaces you will find additional advice on opening windows and room usage in line with our risk assessments. You must wear face coverings when moving around indoors and when in crowded spaces.

Read further information on the ventilation in our CLS and shared spaces.

Following government guidance there is currently no legal requirement to socially distance, although we do recommend it if at all practicable, and that you consider some of the additional measures you can take.

If a room has no means of natural or mechanical ventilation –

  • Reduce time spent in these locations to a maximum of 30-45 minutes
  • Air out areas regularly
  • Single occupancy rooms (such as offices) / Reduce occupancy density where possible and practicable

If a room has windows –

  • Windows to be opened at least 15 mins prior to room occupation
  • In Winter, windows are required to be open less distance due to differences in indoor and outdoor temps and including the force / pressure of the wind. All windows to remain open when in occupation. High level and low level windows if applicable.
  • In Summer, windows are required to be open as far as reasonably possible.

You may also wish to consider reducing the capacity or duration of the meetings, as well as thoroughly cleaning the area after use, and allowing for fallow periods to between meetings to enable turnover of air before the next use.

Inviting a visitor/having a meeting with external people

In order to monitor and control the density of people on campus, the University is adhering to the principle that only essential inward travel will be authorised and visitors will need to completed a risk assessment.

Full guidance on University visitors.

Other in-person activities and travel

We have produced specific guidance covering eventstravel and fieldwork

Staff working at home

  • You should discuss with your line manager if you wish to go to your office, a rota system may be in place.
  • Health and safety homeworking guidelines should be followed during any period of working from home

Working from home guidance

Staff HR guidance

Our commitments during COVID-19

We expect everyone in our community to:​

  • Behave responsibly, and treat fellow students and staff with dignity and respect​
  • Abide by all University and Public Health COVID-19 guidance – which may change at short notice​
  • Self-isolate if required
  • Wear face coverings when moving around inside or in crowded areas
  • Regularly wash hands and use hand sanitiser​. Please note: hand sanitiser should not be used as a replacement for washing your hands, but instead used when you cannot immediately wash your hands.
  • Wipe down surfaces after use

Current measures:

We each have a social responsibility to care for one another in our community, which includes making sure we keep our work areas clean, wash our hands regularly and wear face coverings (unless you are exempt).

It also includes demonstrating trust and respect for your colleagues, our students and wider community.

We strongly encourage staff and students to wear face coverings when moving around our buildings and in crowded spaces.

Read the face covering guidance


Testing our students and staff

We are testing our students and staff, to reduce the spread of infection in Southampton and give confidence to colleagues, our students and our local communities.

Current measures:

  • Students and eligible staff are strongly encouraged to take a saliva test, with prompts sent via text message
  • Students can opt in to take part by following the link in their invitation email
  • Staff who have not yet registered, please sign up to the testing programme
  • If you have not signed up to the saliva testing programme, you should continue to test using LFD tests.

Visit the COVID -19 testing page to find out more.

Delivering teaching excellence safely

We will support you in delivering excellent quality teaching to your students, either remotely or on our campuses.


You can find out more about vaccination walk in centres on the NHS site.

Support for students

If one of your students needs support, please direct them to the Student Hub. This is the first point of contact for students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Students can access the Student Hub 24/7 via telephone: +44 (0)238 059 95 99 or by emailing:

Between 10:00 and 16:00 Monday-Friday, students can also use online chat. 

The Student Services centre is open from 9:00 to 17:00 Monday- Friday

Catering arrangements on Highfield campus

Please visit the Catering webpage for more information.

A free app is now available offering order ahead services at University catering venues, as well as a loyalty scheme. You can download the free Upay app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store or visit UPAY. Enter Site Affiliate ID: UOS to set up your account.

Payment methods

University outlets such as the SUSU shop are no longer accepting cash as a form of payment. Businesses such as Pret and Cost are accepting cash or card. Payments across all our campuses can be made using a variety of methods, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and contactless as well as the worldwide capabilities of both Visa and Mastercard.

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