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The University of Southampton
Centre for Political Ethnography

Making ends meet: The lived experience of poverty in the south Event

10:00 - 12:00
15 June 2018
University of Southampton Highfield Campus The Hartley Suite Southampton SO17 1BJ

Event details

Despite the south’s image as a more prosperous region, there are distinct deprived communities and pockets of poverty in wealthy areas. The Southern Policy Centre has worked with the University of Southampton to conduct ground-breaking, in-depth research to understand what it is like to live on a low income in different parts of the south. Some of these neighbourhoods are in dense urban settings, some on the edges of market towns, and others in coastal areas experiencing economic stagnation. We set out to understand whether experiences and expectations of poverty are affected by being in a more affluent region, perhaps living close to people with a very different lifestyle. Is the experience of deprivation better, worse or just different depending on what your surroundings look like and how your neighbours live?’ The report, funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, can inform and enhance policies which are targeted at improving the life-chances of the most deprived members of our communities, on issues such as employment, crime and security, social and geographical isolation, and health and wellbeing. The event will be a presentation and interactive discussion of our findings. It is free to attend although registration is required. It will be of interest to policy makers, professional and elected members in local government, health, policing, social services, transport and economic development, voluntary sectors organisations tackling poverty, isolation and mental health issues, and to academics working in this and related fields. Please arrive at 9.45am for registration and refreshments

Speaker information

Southern Policy Centre,The Southern Policy Centre is the only independent think-tank and policy forum for central southern England. We were launched in November 2014 and specialise in public policy for southern England, data led decision making and innovative forms of public participation.

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