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The University of Southampton
Centre for Research in Accounting, Accountability and Governance


CRAAG has a vibrant research seminar series that are delivered by both leading and emerging scholars from top institutions:  

2022/2023 Research Seminar Series:


07 December 2023      Dr Ammar Ali Gull, EMLV Business School, France Board gender diversity and financial default risk: An empirical analysis
22 November 2023 Professor Silvia Gaia, University of Essex Let it be wild! – Accounting for the impact of biodiversity-sensitive companies on local species richness
01 November 2023 Professor Viet Anh Dang, University of Manchester Labor Mobility and Corporate Environmental Performance
18 October 2023 Zeyu Yang, University of Southampton Accounting and ESG: A systematic literature review and agenda for future research
11 October 2023 Dr Hesham Bassyouny, University of Southampton The power of spoken words: evidence from corporate employment decisions
21 June 2023 Lin Zhang and Tingyu Sun, University of Southampton Corporate Governance, CEO power and Payout Policy: Insite from Corporate Opportunity Waivers AND The Impact of Shareholder Litigation Risk on Income Smoothing
17 May 2023 Rui Yan and Yixiao Liu, University of Southampton Country’s Technology and Innovation, and Corporate Environmental Innovation and Environmental Performance
26 April 2023 Dr. Sedzani Musundwa, University of South Africa Centering self-reflection as an instrument for decolonization
12 April 2023 Dr. Philippe Lassou, the University of Guelph, Canada Failure of major African state-owned enterprises: Neopatrimonialism in a historical perspective  
22 March 2023 Professor Dimitrios Gounopoulos, University of Bath The Impact of Wildfire Smoke on Business Outcomes
08 March 2023 Dr. Maria Correia, London School of Economics and Political Science. Bankruptcy in Groups
22 February 2023 Professor Stergios Leventis, International Hellenic University, Greece Sustainability Performance and Corporate Risk-Taking: Evidence from the Tourism Services Industry
15 February 2023 Dr. Sara Closs-Davies, Business School, Bangor University Accounting, tax and socio-economic inequality: How relational power shapes everyday tax practices


 Date                                      SpeakerTitle
 7 December  Dr. Yasir Shahab, Xijing University  Corporate Environmental Irresponsibility and Stock Market Reaction: Evidence from Chinese Mergers & Acquisitions
30 November Professor Frank Hartmann, The Nijmegen School of Management Theory-hacking in Management Accounting Research: An Assessment of Survey-based Practices
 2 November  Professor Bruce Hearn, The University of Bradford School of Management Is Good Governance Price?
 3 October  Dr. Seraina C. Anagnostopoulou, University of Piraeus The real consequences of classification shifting: Evidence from the efficiency of corporate investment
 8 June Professor Juan Manuel Garcia Lara, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid CEO industry tournaments and conditional conservatism  
11 May Professor George Iatridis, Head of Department of Accounting and Finance, Director of the MSc Accounting and Auditing (ACCA accredited), University of Thessaly, Volos, Greece Corporate philanthropy in the US stock market: Evidence on corporate governance, value relevance and earnings manipulation
27 April Dr. Mohammed Elmahgoub, Lecturer in Accounting, Southampton Business School CEO Network Centrality and the Readability of 10-K Reports  
16 March Yufeng Xie, PhD student, Southampton Business School Related Party Transactions: A Systematic Review of Corporate Governance, Institutional Environment and Corporate Performance Literature
22  March Professor Madhu Veeraraghavan, Director of T A Pai Management Institute Obscured by Clouds: The Impact of Weather-induced Managerial Mood on Corporate Tax Avoidance



2021/2022 Research Seminar Series:

DateSpeakerTitle of the presentation
6 October 2021

Dr Xi Li, London School of Economics

Let’s Talk about the Environment: Environment Discussions in Earnings Conference Calls and Investor Reaction
27 October 2021

Professor David Veenman,
Amsterdam Business School

Outliers and Robust Inference in Archival Accounting Research
3 November 2021 Professor Giovanna Michelon,
University of Bristol
A governance approach to social media engagement in social enterprises
10 November 2021 Professor Sven Modell, Alliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester Is Institutional Research on Management Accounting Degenerating or Progressing? A Lakatosian Analysis
24 November 2021 Professor Christopher Koch, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
Does practitioner research help auditors to provide higher audit quality and improve their reputation?
8 December 2021 Dr. Pepa Kraft, HEC Paris
College Information Environment and Student Loan Default Rates

2020/2021 Research Seminar Series:

DateSpeakerTitle of the presentation
7 October 2020  Dr. Karim Sorour Associate professor in Accounting Northumbria University. Exploring the Evolving Motives Underlying Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Disclosures in Developing Countries: The Case of ‘Political CSR’ Reporting
21 October 2020 Kam-Ming Wan Associate professor in Accounting and Finance Hanken School of Economics. Treatment of Outliers: An Application of Estimation of Effects of CEO Incentives on Corporate Innovation
28 October 2020 Professor Sarah McVay
Professor of Accounting and Editor: Contemporary Accounting Research. University of Washington.
 Is non-GAAP the new GAAP? An analysis of frequent non-GAAP reporting
11 November 2020  Dr. Amy ZANG
Associate professor in Accounting
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
2 December 2020  Dr. Jenny Chu
Lecturer in Accounting.
University of Cambridge.
9 December 2020  Professor Christian Hofman
Professor in Accounting and Associate Editor EAR
LMU Munich
24 February 2021 Professor Mahbub Zaman,
University of Hull
Critical Mass & Voice: Board Diversity & Financial Reporting Quality -
30 March 2021 Professor Helena Isidro, ISCTE Business School in Lisbon. Debt Contracting After Bankruptcy
31 March 2021

Professor Benjamin Whipple, University of Georgia

A Firm-Quarter Measure of Non-GAAP Exclusion Quality
21 April 2021

Dr. Luc Paugam, HEC Paris

Earnings Management after Short-Selling Attacks
19 May 2021

Mohammad Alta'any, University of Southampton

Laura Achiro,
University of Southampton

The impact of corporate governance on sustainability reporting: International evidence of triple bottom line reporting

Corporate governance and non-financial performance of public hospitals in the English National Health Service
30 June 2021

Professor Alan Lowe, RMIT University

Meeting Research(er) Accountability Halfway -

2019/2020 Research Seminar Series

Date & VenueSpeakerTitle – Paper/Event
Venue: 02/3041

Professor Gilad Livne
Professor of Accounting

University of Exeter

Does the Audit Committee Influence Audit Effort? Evidence from Materiality and Audit Risk Areas’
Venue: 02/3041

Professor Elaine Harris

Professor of Accounting

University of Roehampton

 How organisations make strategic investment decisions: a stream of field studies
Venue: 02/3041

Professor Chandana Alawattage

Professor of Accounting

Glasgow University

Neoliberalisation of management accounting’
Venue: 02/3041

Professor Igor Goncharov

Professor of Accounting

Lancaster University

 Disclosure Choice when Market-Wide Externalities Matter: Evidence from IFRS Adoptions by Central Banks’
Venue: 02/3041

Professor Marco Trombetta

Professor of Accounting

Instituto de Empresa Business School,

  1. Publishing in good journals with an emphasis on Journal of Accounting and Public Policy
  2. Why do governments “go dark”? Evidence on governments’ guidance transparency in presence of a mandatory guidance regime

2018/2019 Research Seminar Series

Date & VenueSpeakerTitle – Paper/Event
Venue: 02/1085
Professor Sabur Mollah
Professor in Accounting and Finance
Swansea University
Does Shari’ah Governance Complement or Substitute Board Governance? Evidence from Micro Governance Data’
Venue: 02/1085
Professor Ivo de Loo
Professor in Accounting
Aston University
The beautification of annual reports: the intersection of narratives and fashion.
Venue: 02/1085
Dr Pingli Li
Associate Professor in Accounting.
University of Southampton
Independent directors in China: why would academics accept a dual career portfolio and how competent are they in the role?
Dr. Lu Dai
Lecturer in Accounting.
School of Business
Renmin University of China
Can Academic Independent Directors Reduce the Deregulation Risk of Listed Firms? The Case of China
Dr Bai XUE
Lecturer in Accounting
The University of Southampton.
Does political connection matter? Evidence from the resignation of politically connected independent directors
Dr Amir Amel-Zadeh
Associate Professor of Accounting.
University of Oxford
 Are All Insider Sales Created Equal? Evidence from Form 4 Footnote Disclosures
Venue: 4/4051
Professor Keith Robson
Editor-in-Chief: Accounting, Organizations and Society
HEC Paris
Moral imaginaries of performance measurement systems in the pharmaceutical
Venue: 4/4053
Professor Kenneth Mcphail Professor of Accounting
Alliance Manchester Business School
University of Manchester 
From Stakeholder Perspectives to Human Rights Perspectives: The UNGP’s, SDG’s and New Paradigms for Corporate Accountability
Venue: 2/5033
Professor Stephen Penman
Editor; Review of Accounting Studies
Columbia Business School
Columbia University
Connecting Book Rate of Return to Risk and Return: The Information Conveyed by Conservative Accounting
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