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The Protein Core Facility offers services for the production of recombinant proteins for the Cancer Science Division. It is located on level C in the Somers Building.

The PECF is aiming to help your research projects in several ways:

PECF diagram

The projects can be started at any stage:


We routinely use the following bacterial expression vectors:

We welcome any suggestions about vectors you have used and found useful.

Protein expression

The protein expression is carried out in BL21 bacteria strains. For the expression of mammalian proteins, we prefer the use of the strain BL21 CodonPlus which carries extra copies of tRNA genes encoding rarer bacterial codons.

Protein Purification

The protein purifications are performed using two FPLC AKTA Prime systems. A range of columns are available for:


Here are a few examples of proteins we made or we are currently making:

Here are a few examples of the use of the proteins we were asked to make:

A service designed to save you time…

We aim to run the service as smoothly as possible to respond quickly to new projects. In order to improve efficiency, we will include new technologies and tools as they become necessary and/or available.

We want to put the emphasis on communication. During the first meeting, we will define with you the best strategy to adopt according to the final use of the protein in terms of activity, amount and purity required. A timetable will be issued during a second meeting and updates on the project progression will be provided regularly.

Please note that we will need to know if your project is intended for clinical trials. All requests will be treated in confidentiality.

Please contact Dr Patrick Duriez (

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