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The University of Southampton
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Trial Name

 HOME BP - Home & Online Management & Evaluation of Blood Pressure


HOME-BP is a digital intervention for the self-management of high blood pressure, consisting of self-monitoring of blood pressure, health professional directed and supervised titration of anti-hypertensive medication and optional user-selected lifestyle modifications, for people with uncontrolled essential hypertension. Participants will be individually randomised either to the HOME-BP programme with optional nurse support or to a control group receiving usual hypertension care. This trial will be coordinated from UK facilitated by the PCRN’s in these areas with researchers and research nurses employed at each centre. 


Primary Objective:

Secondary Objectives:

Tertiary Objectives:


Individually randomised phase 2/3 controlled trial (assessor blinded), the HOME-BP study will comprise:


Adult patients with uncontrolled hypertension (>140/90 mmHg at baseline ), who are currently receiving medication for hypertension control. Patients must also have access to the internet and be able to use and comprehend the website.


Sponsor: University of Southampton

Chief Investigator: Prof Lucy Yardley

Clinical Trial Coordinator: Jo Kelly


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