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Cuban Oral History: Memories of the Cuban Revolution About the Project - English


Books and articles based on project research have been published in Cuba by CENESEX and the Instituto Cubano de Investigción Cultural Juan Marinello; in the US and Europe by the University of North Carolina Press, Hispanic American Historical Review, Oral History, Nueva Sociedad, Feminist Review, The Oral History Reader, 3rd Edition.

Forthcoming publications include Cuban Lives: What Difference Did a Revolution Make? (Verso Books) .

Detailed publications lists from each of the various contributors can be found on their own pages - see the Project Team list , and excerpts can be found further down the page.

The project also discovered some imagery:

Elizabeth Dore

Elizabeth Dore, Cuban Lives: What Difference Did a Revolution Make? (London and New York: Verso, forthcoming). Read more...

Elizabeth Dore and Ana Vera Estrada, “Interview with Elizabeth Dore,” Words and Silences , 7:1 (2015).

Elizabeth Dore, ‘Cubans’ Life Stories: The Pains and the Pleasures of Living in a Communist Society,’ Oral History , 40:1 (Spring 2012) 35-46.

Elizabeth Dore, ‘Historia oral y vida cotidiana en Cuba,’ Nueva Sociedad 242 (Nov-Dic 2012) 36-55.

Elizabeth Dore, ‘Como leer (y escribir) la historia oral?’ Historia, Voces y Memoria 5:13 (Universidad de Buenos Aires), 11-28.

Elizabeth Dore, ‘Hearing Voices: Cuban Oral History,’ Hispanic-American Historical Review , Special Issue: Sounds (May 2016, forthcoming).

Carrie Hamilton

Carrie Hamilton, Sexual Revolutions in Cuba: Passion, Politics and Memory (Chapel Hill, NC: University of North Carolina Press, 2012. Forward by Elizabeth Dore, vii-xi.

Carrie Hamilton, 2011 ‘Public Women and Public History: Revolution, Prostitution and Testimony in Cuba,’ Rethinking History , 15, 2, 175-88.

Carrie Hamilton, 2010 ‘Narrating AIDS in Cuba,’ Global South 6, 3, 64-74.

Carrie Hamilton, 2009 ‘Sexual Politics and Socialist Housing: Building Homes in Revolutionary Cuba’, special issue on ‘Homes and Homecomings’, Gender & History 21, 3: 608-27.

Carrie Hamilton, 2012 ‘Sex, “Silence,” and Audiotape: Listening for Female Same-Sex Desire in Cuba’ in Nan Alamilla Boyd and Horacio No. Roque Ramírez, eds., Bodies of Evidence: The Practice of Queer Oral History . Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012.

Carrie Hamilton, 2011 ‘Historia oral y sexualidad’ in Niurka Pérez Rojas, ed., Historia oral: debates y análisis sobre temas Afro-cubanos, religiosos, sexuales y rurales . Havana: Editorial CENSEX, pp. 89-110.

Daisy Rubiera Castillo

Daisy Rubiera Castillo, Antonio Moreno Stincer, Mercedes López Ventura y Pedro Jorge Peraza Santos, Aires de la Memoria (La Habana: Centro Nacional de Educación Sexual, CENESEX, 2010).

Aires de la Memoria
Aires de la Memoria
Historia Oral: Debates y análisis
Historia Oral: Debates y análisis
Sexual Revolutions in Cuba
Sexual Revolutions in Cuba
Golpeando La memoria
Golpeando La memoria

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