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Data Science

Data Science at the University of Southampton

In the current Information Age, data has become a commodity that is driving development crucial to future economic success, particularly for service-based economies such as the UK. The potential to transform the economic landscape is tantalising, from providing business with strategic advantage or new services, to revolutionising medical diagnostics, among many other benefits to society that were unthinkable only a decade ago. However this potential cannot be realised unless new methods for handling, analysing, and extracting knowledge from data are made available. This is particularly relevant in the context of Big Data, where scalable techniques and algorithms are vitally important. The emerging field of Data Science usually refers to the interface between Statistics, Mathematics, and Computer Science that is providing the much sought novel techniques and approaches arising from the cross-fertilisation of ideas between these complementary domains. Data Science is rapidly gathering momentum, and suggests promising new research avenues in the near future. In recognition of this momentum, EPSRC have established the Alan Turing Institute to promote advanced research and translational work in the application of data science, acknowledging that this requires leadership both in advanced mathematics and in computing science.

 The Data Science Cloud

The University of Southampton is in an extraordinary position to contribute to this emerging field due to its strong reputation in each of the core subjects, and the interdisciplinary, collaborative and entrepreneurial environment cultivated and nurtured in Southampton over the last decade or so. A tangible proof is the first Southampton Data Workshop that we organised in September 2014, which brought together Southampton data researchers and practitioners, and local business and organisations with an interest in data (workshop programme attached). This event highlighted the human and technical capabilities at Southampton, in addition to a keen interest in collaborative work. This workshop was followed up by a Data Science Symposium in January 2016.

Web Science Institute

Web Science Institute

The Data Science activities across the University are coordinated by the Web Science Institute.

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